AT-OS Bedpan Washer-Disinfectors

One of the biggest problems which has to be eliminated in hospitals is the transmission of infections from one patient to another due to incomplete or inefficient containers cleaning processes.

AT-OS provides the latest generation of washer-disinfectors for containers of human waste. These bedpan washer-disinfectors guarantee the highest level of hygiene results as well as low water and electricity consumption rates.

To ensure a complete and validated washing and disinfecting process, each program consists of the following phases:

  1. Cold water rinse
  2. Hot water rinse with detergent
  3. Steam disinfection provided by a built-in steam generator
  4. Disinfection and maintenance of preset temperature and time
  5. Cooling phase using cold water or ACS*

*ACS (Air Cooling System) which uses cold air to achieve cooling and partial drying of the items is available upon request.

The automatic door closure system virtually eliminates the contamination risk for both the user and patient. The automatic emptying of the containers as well as the superior cleaning and disinfection processes are standard features of AT-OS bedpan washer-disinfectors. Other characteristics such as the Multi-washer Function which allow to wash and disinfect other utensils and containers that cannot be cleaned in a standard support for bedpan and urine bottles are examples of the versatility of AT-OS family of products.


  • Easy interface
  • Multi-washer Function
  • High load capacity (up to four urine bottles)
  • HDS - High Disinfection System
  • ENC - Electronic Nozzles Control
  • DVS - Disinfection Validation System
  • Automatic door opening
  • Hands free starting
  • Self Disinfection System
  • ACS - Air Cooling System (optional)





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