Contaminated surfaces are greatly responsible for the spread of germs on healthcare professionals’ hands.

Door handles, in particular, are a well-documented breeding ground for pathogens.
They are a high risk common contact surface facilitating the transmission of germs throughout a facility.
Clean hands ultimately save lives and washing hands is paramount, but only part of the solution.

Handle Hygiene is an easy-to-install, mechanical automatic disinfectant dispenser system for most door handles.
Every time a door is used, the system delivers a mist of disinfectant on the handle,
sanitizing it after each opening, significantly reducing the risks of cross-contamination

Effective and Safe Disinfection

Handle Hygiene disinfectant safely inactivates 99.9% of common viruses and bacteria, including MRSA.
When there is a contact of hands with the product, it works as a traditional hand sanitizer.

A Simple System

Healthcare facilities’ environmental and hand cleaning protocols can be extensive.
There’s no need to add any specific procedure because Handle Hygiene is simple to install on most door handles.
It does not contain any kind of pressurized gas, nor require specific maintenance or batteries.
Only the simple replacement of the disinfectant cartridge is required.



No Aersol


No Maintenance


No Battery


Key Features

  • Achieve a 99.9% inactivation of common pathogens including MRSA
  • Fast drying disinfectant
  • Non-irritating to eyes and skin
  • Easy to install on any type of doors
  • Compatible for all type of door handles
  • No maintenance required
  • Cost effective
  • No batteries
  • No pressurized bottle
  • Recyclable cartridges


Code Product Units per Case
HHH1-001 Handle Hygiene Automatic Dispense 1
CLEAN-C0001 Cleancide Disinfectant Refill Cartridge 6



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Manufactured by: 

Clever Hygiene Solutions Ltd., 95 Ranelagh Village, Dublin, D06  V1W5 

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