The New INNOVA E5 CMS Efficiency +

Exceptional productivity and cost efficiency for high volume endoscopy facilities

INNOVA E5 CMS Efficiency + revolutionizes endoscope reprocessing as the only AER model capable of reprocessing four endoscopes at a time. Specifically designed to minimize the consumption of water and chemicals, hospitals will realize substantial savings while sustaining the highest turnaround of endoscopes. Patient safety is raised to higher levels with, INNOVA E5 CMS Efficiency +’s innovative Channel Monitoring System that tracks each individual channel of endoscopes for obstructions. The pass-through design enables a physical separation between clean and contaminated areas which prevent the risks of cross-contamination.

Chamber of INNOVA E5

INNOVA E5 CMS Efficiency + incorporates all of the great features of our pass-through washer-disinfectors with the added benefit of simultaneously accommodating four regular flexible endoscopes resulting in outstanding productivity. Entirely made of stainless steel and compatible with all conventional brands and models of endoscopes1 (Olympus, Pentax, Fujinon, Karl Storz, Wolf), the machine achieves the highest cleaning results and complete disinfection in 37 minutes2. The outer shell and internal channels of the endoscopes can be thoroughly dried using sterile compressed air.

Specifically developed to reduce the consumption of water and chemicals, the efficiency of this model is unrivalled, allowing hospitals to generate enormous savings over time.

INNOVA E5 CMS Efficiency + is equipped with the BHT patented Channel Monitoring System.

Endoscope channels are individually checked for obstructions or any other causes that could narrow a channel. Even partial blockage can be detected and the machine notifies the operator so that endoscopes carrying potentially harmful bioburden will not be used on a patient.

Endoscopes connect easily to the washer-disinfectors with convenient and easy to organize color coded adapters. The baskets also slide into the washing chamber thus rendering the entire connection process easy for the staff.

Loading the INNOVA CMS


Developed with users’ expectations in mind, INNOVA AERs are fully operated via a barcode scanner thus simplifying the operations. The barcode scanner is also used to record all critical information, such as endoscope serial numbers or the operator's identification. This information appears on the print-out3 and is stored in the cycle data, easily accessible on the computer at any time.

The washer-disinfectors can also be connected to our endoscope cabinets thus ensuring a complete traceability for reprocessed scopes.

Standard features include:

  • Four flexible endoscopes capacity
  • Two automatic doors, with control panel on dirty side and printer on clean side3
  • Channel Monitoring System
  • Automatic internal cleaning of each individual channel
  • Flow monitoring into each individual channel
  • Integrated leak test
  • Single-use chemistry
  • Superior drying system
  • Washing and disinfection in 37 minutes2
  • Endoscope bar coding identification
  • Print-out after every cycle3
  • Thermal disinfection of the chamber at 90°C to prevent biofilm build-up
  • Internet based remote maintenance with live support (optional)

Technical services

  • Installation, preventative maintenance and repairs by factory trained technicians
  • In-Service training provided by a clinical specialist
  • Customized service contracts


Capacity4 endoscopes
DimensionsFree-standing unit W/H/D: 1400 x 2000 x 840 mm
Wash chamber W/H/D: 650 x 625 x 680 mm
MaterialStainless steel AISI 304
Electrical Connection208V, 3 ph, 60Hz, 40A
Water ConnectionsCold Water: DN 20 ; 2-5 bar
Warm Water: DN 20 ; 2-5 bar
Di water: DN 20 ; 2-5 bar
Drain: DN 100
Compressed AirDN 10 ; 2 bar
Exhaust ConnectionDN 150
DI Water BoilerOptional
Leak TestAutomatic
ConnectivityRS232 interface for communication with PC
Connection possibility for barcode reader and printer interface
LCD Display with indication of program parameters and error codes

1The AER manufacturer does not guarantee the compatibility of the washer-disinfector with all endoscope models.
2 The cycle time can vary depending on processing parameters (eg. incoming water quality and temperature, chemicals used, etcetera).
3 Optional external printer required.

Manufactured by BHT Hygienetechnik GmbH, Messerschmittstrasse 11, D - 86368 Gersthofen

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