The process of sterilization is becoming more and more complex and logically increases the risk of errors. Therefore, HMTS offers an easy, reliable and cost effective solution to reach your sterilization objectives.

Easy to Use

The operator selects the desired cycle via a colour touchscreen interface, which continuously displays sterilization information and graphical representation of the cycle stages. At the end of the cycle, packs are ready for use or storage, with no aeration, cooling or drying required. The hydrogen peroxide agent is provided in a convenient
20 cycle bottle which is easily installed at the side of the machine. The 20 cycle capacity means fewer changes and less work for the staff.

Validated sterilization of a wide range of instruments

The HMTS-Series Sterilizers are designed for sterilization of both metal and nonmetal medical devices at a low temperature. Because the cycle operates in a dry environment and at a low temperature, it is especially suitable for instruments sensitive to heat and moisture. HMTS process is compatible with a wide range of medical devices such as:

  • Surgical endoscopes
  • Electronic powered devices
  • Single lumened flexible endoscopes, including ureteroscopes, cystoscopes and bronchoscopes


  • Easy to install, with no plumbing or ventilation required
  • Reasonable cost per cycle
  • Excellent load capacity
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Service Contracts available post-warranty

Safe for the staff. Safe for the environment

Thanks to the plasma generation, the by-products of the sterilization process are water and oxygen. A carbon filter also prevents any leak of hydrogen peroxide.

Record keeping

Good record keeping is critical to validate the reliability of your sterilization process, meet legal requirements and protect your patients. HMTS' Windows Embedded operating system ensures that cycle data are automatically recorded and stored. All information are easily accessible via a computer or a USB stick so that clear and meaningful reports can be generated.

When the hydrogen peroxide agent is installed, RFID technology ensures that the right chemical is being used and captures the lot number for the cycle documentation.
A detailed print-out is also provided after every cycle.


Windows Embedded


Part-number HMTS-80E
Chamber Volume
– actual
– usable

80 litres
71 litres
Number of shelves 2
Cycle Time (min.) Standard: 38min ±3min
Advanced: 58 ±3min
# Cycles per Bottle of H202 agent 20
Machine Height (mm) 1670
Machine Width (mm) 750
Machine Depth (mm) 835
Machine Weight (kg) 430
Electrical Connection 208V, 50-60Hz, 3 phase
Ventilation Required None
Plumbing Required None
Printer Built-in
Memory Card Built-in
Display 6.4” colour
TFT touchscreen
Network 100/10 Mbps Ethernet
Operating System Windows Embedded


H202 agent (6 x 140 ml) HMSA-80E
Printer paper (5 rolls per box) HMPP
Biological Indicator (30 per case) HMBI
Incubator HMIB
Chemical Indicator Strip (250 per pack) HMCS
Chemical Indicator Tape (5 rolls per box) HMCT
Smart Card reader HMSMC
Bottom image