YANEX's Advanced Technology

Pulsed xenon technology is a completely new approach to UV disinfection.
The irradiation spectrum of YANEX's xenon lamp is continuous and it covers the entire ultraviolet region from 190 nm to 400 nm, whereas the mercury lamps irradiation spectrum is essentially monochromatic (λ=254 nm). YANEX’s broader irradiation spectrum generates different types of damages on the vital cell structures of pathogens (DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids) and provides the unit with increased germicidal efficacy.

Another key characteristic of this unique system is the high intensity of its light.
Powerful light pulses boost the damages inflected to the pathogens. YANEX combines a broad scope of damages with an outstanding germicidal power to guarantee a quick disinfection of air and surfaces.

Safety and reliability

YANEX's light bulb only contains an environmentally safe gas (xenon) so that it does not require any specific measures when broken or worn. Moreover, the xenon bulb is protected from dust and damage as it is located inside the unit housing.

And unlike mercury vapor lamps, YANEX does not need to warm up prior to operate.

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